There are a wide variety of pests always looking to find room and board in our South Florida homes. Ants, in particular, are a huge problem in this region. From White Footed ants to Pharoah ants and Ghost ants, not to mention Fire and Carpenter ants, the different types of species are almost too many to count. Getting rid of these ants might sound as simple as getting a can of bug spray but rest assured, there is more to it than that when these little creatures invade your home. In fact, the best way to ensure that you have totally purged your home of any type of ant infestation is to get a professional exterminator on the job.

For most people, this might sound extreme. After all, ants can’t really do that much damage, right? Well, the truth is, ants CAN do a great deal of damage if they are not controlled. Here are some reasons why ant control should be a top priority for South Florida homeowners.

What kind of damage can ants do to your South Florida home?

The kind of damage that ants can do to your home will entirely depend on the kind of ant infestation. There are some species of ants that are just after your food and sugar while there others that can literally eat your home from the ground up. Whichever way you look at it, an ant infestation is a serious inconvenience. Here are some damages that you may incur:

Your food stores may get invaded:

Ants go after sweet foods. This means that they will get into your sugar stores, your cookie jars and some may even get into your jelly. While they may carry these foods away slowly and for the most part you may not exactly feel the pinch immediately, some of these ants do contaminate these stores and make them impossible to use. For example, if a colony of ants get into your jelly or even peanut butter jar, there will be some casualties that die in those jars. These stores are now wasted and you have to go out and get new supplies.

Structural damage to your home:

Ant species like Carpenter Ants are by far some of the most destructive of all ants. If you do not catch an infestation of this type of ant on time, your home may very well endure some structural damage. Carpenter Ants eat away at wood. They chew tunnels and nest in the wood panelling or foundations of any home. Another thing you need to consider is that when you have an infestation of Carpenter Ants it means that you have a deeper moisture problem with your home. That in itself can lead to major losses if not mitigated. So, as soon as you see even a single Carpenter Ant you should pick up the phone and call an exterminator immediately. The professionals are best placed to tell you just how extensive the problem is and take practical and effective steps that will keep you from losing your home.

Varied damages caused:

There are different types of ants that will eat away at refrigerator insulation, cabinet voids, clothes and even carpeting. The problem with these ants is that they tend to grow in number the more you ignore the problem. In their attempt to build bigger colonial homes, they will damage your floors, eat away at your food and plants and even begin nipping away at people.

Do not let an ant infestation cost you thousands of dollars in damages. Get rid of them from your South Florida home by calling on a professional exterminator.


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