pest-controlSouth Florida’s gorgeous climate and rich environment make for beautiful and thriving lawns – but also bring a wide assortment of pesky critters, which can invade yards, homes, and pets! Not only are these pests a nuisance to your beautiful lawn, but they can harm your home and even your health.

Luckily, there is PowerX! the leading specialist in South Florida Pest Control. We offer the ultimate protection for your property against any number of pests, ensuring that both your outdoor and indoor areas are safe. Our professional technicians are certified, highly trained, and well-versed in the unique ecology of the region.

At PowerX we have a remedy for every conceivable pest problem, utilizing products and approaches that are both safe and effective. It all starts with a free detailed assessment of your property, which allows us to determine what works best for your situation. From there, we can implement a personalized and comprehensive solution accordingly.

Are mice, or rats ruining your garden or invading your indoor areas? We can locate the points of entry, remove and relocate the unwanted intruders, and create a barrier to prevent future invasions.

Is there a nasty nest of bees or wasps threatening your safety? PowerX can take care of this delicate problem by safely relocating the bees or wasps without risk to you or your loved ones.

If raccoons, possums, and other wildlife are digging through your trash, PowerX personnel are equipped and trained to remove them safely and ethically within 24 hours of your request.