If you have reason to believe that your home may be infested with termites then you need to move quickly to eliminate these pests since they can cause structural damage to your home.  While nobody ever wants to have termites in their home, learning to recognize warning signs will help prevent the problem.

Signs That Termites Have Infested Your Home

  1. Peeling paint that has the appearance that it has been damaged by water. If you notice parts of your home that look like they have water damage, and you know that they have not been exposed to water, then this is a good indicator that you have termites.


  1. If you notice that the floorboards in your home are squeaking excessively, or they sound hollow, this is another indicator that you likely have termites.


  1. If there drywall in your home is beginning to look discolored or otherwise damaged this is another good indicator that there are termites present.


  1. On the exterior of your home if you spot mud tubes leading into your home then you definitely have a termite problem.


  1. Small pinholes in your drywall indicate the presence of termites.


  1. Small collections of dark pellets around your home that looks like spilled pepper may in fact be termite droppings, which obviously means you have a termite problem.


  1. Peeling paint anywhere in your home that looks like it has been exposed to water when it hasn’t is also a sign of termite activity.


What To Do If You Suspect You Have Termites

If you notice any of the mentioned signs it’s better to act now than have future regrets and skyrocket costs related to home reparation. Call a professional exterminator,  at PowerX we are  ready to assist you at all time, get an assessment today by calling 1-800-555-0170.