Tips for the Perfect GardenPowerX is a company dedicated to serving and protecting homes, yards, and community properties throughout South Florida.  With their extensive South Florida pest library and years of experience, they have a few tips on how to make spring gardening a snap.

Tip #1: Clay pots are essential to every garden; unfortunately, they have a tendency to form salt deposits that can severely damage plants.  A good way to get rid of this stubborn problem is to use a vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water solution.  Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and use a plastic brush to scrub off the deposits.

Tip #2: It is no secret working in the garden is a dirty job.  Dirt underneath the fingernails can be very annoying and hard to get fully clean.  One-way to avoid this issue altogether; before gardening, drag fingernails across a bar of soap.  The accumulated soap will effectively seal the fingernails, thus preventing dirt from getting underneath.

Tip #3: String trimmers are one of the best inventions for a gardener.  However, the lines can sometimes jam or snap.  To keep this from happening, spray vegetable oil over the lines before installing.

Tip #4: An interesting hack, take a long-handled tool and lay it on the ground next to a measuring tape.  Using a permanent marker, write inch and foot marks on the handle.  Now spacing plants is a quick, easy process.

Tip #5:  Another great hack, take garden twine and put the ball in a small clay pot.  Pull the end of the twine through the hole, and leave the pot upside down.  Now isn’t that a handy and simple way to ensure there is always twine available?

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