One of the oldest and most resilient (and somewhat annoying) creatures to inhabit the planet; the Cockroach has graced our earth for over Image result for cockroaches IN WINTER300 million years! Cockroaches can withstand quite large variations in temperature, with all species being considered tropical, however despite how hardy these little blighters are, they can easily find themselves in trouble at a mere 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Like many creatures and insects, Cockroaches have adapted to the evolution of world habitats, proven by their hardy survival skills within the toughest of terrains and coldest temperatures – despite the absence of a brain! There are numerous types of Cockroach, the most common being the Brown Banded, Oriental, German and American, all living among us in ignorant bliss.

They can often be found hiding in the dark, damp cracks and crevices of normal family homes, warehouses, barns and of course restaurants. As with many other pests, Cockroaches need basic food, water and shelter therefore opting to remain close to sources of water. Many types of Cockroach such as the German Cockroach, can easily survive freezing temperatures during the winter months, by having an ample supply of water along with relatively humid temperatures.

The Oriental Cockroach is however considered the hardiest of these pests, being able to withstand much colder temperatures than many other species of Cockroach. If you’re heading for winter, then you are probably going to need a pro exterminator to remove these little blighters!

In fact Oriental Cockroaches are so hardy, they even wait until winter to mate, choosing to embrace the cold, while you’re avoiding it! It’s the Brown Banded Cockroach however that is the perhaps the most cunning; avoiding the cold by hiding amongst the electrical appliances radiating warmth within kitchens particularly.

Not as hardy as the Oriental maybe, but clever enough to survive the winter months through snuggling behind the refrigerator. The American Cockroach is the weakest of them all; wrapping up warm for the winter within the crevices of buildings and appliances, or occasionally outdoors within moist humid trees and wood piles.

Cockroaches have wandered the earth alongside the Dinosaurs, and their hardy jurassic-like shells show it! Dealing with a pest that has been around for such a long time obviously makes it rather difficult to eradicate them; something that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Cockroaches of all species have found ways to adapt and evolve to changing climates and habitats, and as annoying as they may be, a pro exterminator is the most probable key to gaining back control!

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