Termite infestation is a nuisance to your house, health, and your property value. What’s more annoying is the great difficulty in getting rid of these vexing invaders. This makes termite extermination one of the most sought-after pest Services in America.

Identifying an infestation

The first stage in treating a termite infestation is identifying the problem distinguishing the type of termites; you will be dealing with. There are three prime kinds of termites in the USA; they include subterranean termites, dry-wood termites, and damp-wood termites. Subterranean termites make mud tubes from the soil that reach wooden components inside your house.

These tubes are pencil sized but can increase in size if left unattended. These pesky pests can excavate wooden surface in your home and cover the holes they create with feces, saliva, and soil.

Another indicator of termite infiltration is the presence of swarming termites near sources of light or a pile of fallen wings. Damaged wood is also another standard indicator of termite infestation, damaged wooden surfaces appear crushed and have a weird sound when tapped. Since drywood termites live and nest inside wood, they are problematic to notice till they have already caused considerable damages. If you see these signs in your cozy home, it’s a clear indication of termite infestation.

What alternative should you choose for treating a termite infestation?

If you favor dealing with your termite problem without professional involvement, you should realize you are taking a significant risk. Termites are exceptionally good at hiding, and it’s tough exterminating them without careful and regular treatment.

Numerous hardware stores vend over-the-counter termite sprays and baits that have unpredictable degrees of efficiency. As a result, homeowners could save a lot more time and money by choosing professional extermination services. Furthermore, wanting to wipe out the termites by yourself could put you and family at hazardous health risks since termite control products are made up of potent and unsafe poisons. Besides DIY termite extermination is usually frustrating and time-consuming due to the lack of desired outcomes and experience.

To avoid all these risks, it’s better to contact pro exterminators who will professionally determine the extent of the infestation and come up with a line of attack that will safely get rid of the little invaders.

Methods used in termite control

There are various termite eradication methods used commonly among pest control experts. Foam and Liquid Sprays From a preventive perspective, foam and liquid sprays make the most sense. Exterminators apply or spray the killing agents around your house’s perimeter. When termites get into contact with these sprays or foam, they die immediately hence preventing them from ever gaining access to your property.

This method is especially useful when eradicating subterranean termites. Bait Systems Bait systems are meant to attract termites away from your house using a control agent that kills off the lured colony. Bait stations are positioned around your home, and the killing agent is carried back to the colony’s nest by worker termites who think it is food.

This approach is employed when a moderate infestation of your property has been noticed. Fumigation Fumigation is advisable only when your house is heavily infested particularly with dry-wood termites. Since drywood termites can live and create nests inside walls, attics, and even your furniture exterminators may require to tent your entire house then use fumigants that permeate all wood surfaces in the house, therefore, killing all termites.

These are not the only approaches used in termite extermination; exterminators also employ other methods specifically in more tricky situations. They include erecting sand or physical barriers, microwave treatments and using infrared cameras to detect termite infestation.

Your termite expert will advise and talk you through the best course of action to take when choosing to eliminate termites. You should always remember the sooner you tackle a termite problem, the less the hassle and damage you will have to go through in future. One in thirty properties in the US are infiltrated with termites annually, do not let your house be one of them.

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