One of the important things when thinking of lawn care is that all lawns are unique and different. They all require a different type of attention and so when your choosing a South Florida Lawn Care company you have to make sure that you are choosing experts that can attend to each plant with a specific and individualized treatment.

Plants need unique care in order to maintain a healthy balance and with high quality fertilization along with careful fumigation of pests you can ensure that your turf, trees, flowers, and more stay healthy and vibrant.

Having a great lawn can be an investment but it’s a visible and appealing investment that you see everything you get to your house and every time you leave.

When dealing with a lawn care company you need to make sure they know landscaping and pests and have the best treatments for each. You want to make sure they have the right chemicals and specialized treatments for your plants so that your yard looks and is clean, safe, and beautiful.

It is important for your landscaping and lawn care company to have great products but they should also have the best service. The professionals you choose should be qualified, licensed and insured to make sure the latest techniques are implemented.

Understand that its more than just a lawn it’s your home turf. You need teams with agronomists and certified specialists that have worked arduously to provide a tailored product and care to bring out your lawns full potential.

Make sure that your lawn care company can handle:

  • mowing and edging
  • fertilizing
  • weed pulling or killing
  • bug and/or disease treatment
  • lawn aeration or de-thatching
  • irrigation system maintenance and repair
  • trimming of shrubs or hedges
  • planting or reseeding
  • mulching
  • clean-up and hauling


By doing these you can insure that you don’t get lawn disease which comes in many forms and can plague your yard.

It’s important that you regularly have your lawn fertilized to strengthen grass roots so that the soil can defend itself. You also have to Aerate the lawn in order to improve the drainage and make nutrients accessible to your grass. Doing this across the yard ensures a healthier lawn. It’s also important to have the lawn water appropriately, dethatch, and have your lawn properly mowed.

In addition to all of this having a company that also specializes in Pest Control Miami will ensure that you have a complete one stop shop for lawn care.

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