gardenPestPowerX provides a slew of pest control and South Florida lawn care services.  We have an excellent staff trained to help our clients get rid of unwanted bugs or help you maintain a healthy yard. Did you know that animals can also prove to be a form of pest control? It seems unusual, but knowing which animals could be used to control your pest issues could also save you some money.

Typically a snake or a large toad will cause most people to react in horror, which may lead to killing the animals. However, these animals are considered some of the most effective in providing pest control without having to spend a dime. The garter snake, for example, is easily recognizable by its trio of yellow stripes and tends to spend its time near vegetables. It may look scary at first, but the snake is actually docile and will eat garden pests like meadow voles, slugs, caterpillars, and sowbugs. The green snake, another docile animal, consumes grasshoppers as well as hornworms.

Toads can consume anywhere between 50 to 100 insects a day, including snails, beetles, grubs, and cutworms. These amphibians are typically active during the evening hours as they prefer to avoid the sun, so there’s a slight possibility you may never even come across one of them.

Even though they act as natural pesticides, toads and snakes won’t provide a full fledged solution to a pest problem that’s gotten out of hand.  If this is the case, we encourage you to use the services of a reputable pest control company such as PowerX, which guarantees to solve any type of pest problem you may have.  Nonetheless, the next time you see one of these amphibians and intend to kill it, you may wish to let it do its thing and in return it will help to keep your garden mostly free from unwanted critters. Be careful with dogs and cats around the frogs as they may be dangerous to these pets.

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