PowerX_About UsFew things are more integral to the American Dream than having a beautiful yard. The space, beauty, and leisure offered by your own unique lawn makes it a worthwhile investment. But this can easily come undone by any number of pests and invaders that frequently emerge throughout the year. Even basic maintenance can be costly and time consuming, especially given the unique needs of each plant and yard ecosystem.

It was with these concerns in mind that PowerX was founded as the premier source of South Florida Lawn Care. We are like no other company in the industry, recognizing that no two yards are the same, and that different plants and different ecosystems require different treatments.

With that in mind, PowerX applies a personalized, comprehensive, and science-based approach to enhancing, treating, and safeguarding lawns. Our team of seasoned specialists includes horticulturalists and entomologists well versed in the unique ecology and environment of Florida. All staff are licensed, insured, and trained in the latest techniques and technologies of the industry.

Like our personnel, our treatments reflect the industry’s highest standard of quality. Rather than rely on the usual generic mix of chemicals, PowerX uses blends of environmentally safe, plant-based materials that are mixed and utilized based on the customized treatments required. By using only the best products imaginable, we save you time and money while optimizing the longevity of your lawn and plants.

PowerX never starts a treatment without first conducting an extensive and complementary analysis of your property. It is only after determining your lawns specific needs and issues that we determine the appropriate techniques and treatments necessary– a customized service that ensures a cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

We will even work with you to devise a schedule that will maintain your beautiful yard year-round, come what may.

PowerX is devoted to keeping you happy and your property stunning. That is why we are always available to come between visits or to answer any questions you may have.

If you want the best in South Florida Pest Control and lawn care, contact us at 1-800-555-0170, or click here for a free estimate.