As the leading providers of South Florida Pest Control, PowerX has seen it all. We are equipped and trained to handle any number of potential pests, from rodents and insects, to the most virulent funguses and plants viruses.

Recently, we were called in by a customer who reported that her home was infested with spiders. A thorough assessment by trained PowerX staff discovered these were none other than Brown Recluse spiders, a very dangerous species.

Though not native to Florida, they have been known to emerge from time to time. They are normally found inside closets, shoes, gloves, and rotting wood piles, where they can easily bite unsuspecting individuals.

While normally not aggressive, they often cause harm to 50 percent of their victims – high enough odds to want to avoid them at all costs. Those with a weak immune system, particularly the elderly and children under seven, are known to have serious health complications from a single bite.

From a distance, the brown recluse hardly looks any different from the range of otherwise harmless species you find in tropical Florida. They stand apart by having six eyes instead of the usual eight, an abdomen that looks like a violin with the neck pointing to its right; and leg joints are lighter.

Granted, you would probably rather not take such a close look for yourself. So when in doubt of what type of spider or pest is invading your home, call PowerX South Florida Exterminators for a free analysis at 866-954-6841.