Sure, you might think those dust mites or love bugs are pesky, but have never hired a professional pest control company to take care of them. Living in Miami, FL, you are all too familiar with the mosquitoes, rodents, and those huge Palmetto bugs. Not only do they bring potential threats with them, and diseases, most people consider them grotesque and unsightly. The simple solution is hiring a fully bonded pest control professional in Miami, such as PowerX Lawn Nutrition + Pest Control.

Why hire a pest control company?

You might think you can kill those bugs or use a bug spray and pest control spray you buy commercially, this might work for a week or two, until you see new infestation and even more bugs. The simple fact of the matter is that these over the counter products don’t always solve the problem of a pest. A pest problem is usually deeply rooted in areas of your home where commercial products cannot reach, where nests of not only hundreds, but thousands of bugs can bread.

Some reasons to consider hiring professionals include:

  1. They know the solution, and which gels work for specific bug breeds. Further, they have non-toxic, chemical free  solutions, and sprays, to kill and prevent future re-entrance  onto your property.
  1. They have the equipment, and are professionally trained by entomologists to safely treat your home, using products, equipment, knowledge, and science not available over the counter. The team at PowerX not only is highly experienced in control methods, but is continually undergoing new training, learning new techniques, and on top of the industries latest solutions for pest control
  1. You won’t have to deal with future infestation or new bugs continually popping up everywhere.
  1.  All services offered: pest control, indoor/outdoor removal, rodent control, termite control/removal, commercial and residential solution services.

At PowerX we’ve seen it all, done it all, and dealt with those pesky bugs and rodents which are associated with warm with the humid and warm climate of Miami, FL. We know what works, what doesn’t, and which techniques will get the job done right.

Why control and removal are important

Again, you don’t like looking at those rodents, cockroaches or ants, but they are more harmful than you might otherwise think. In regions where climates are hot and humid many airborne illnesses and diseases are spread. Bugs carry those diseases, so proper removal and control is essential to keeping your home and family safe. One bug can also lead to much bigger issues. A single termite can do far more damage to your home than you ever expected. So property damage is another reason you simply can’t wait if you believe you are dealing with pests in the home.

Your family’s safety, your home’s safety, and the simple fact that you can’t stand those huge bugs crawling around everywhere, are reason enough for you to have preventive control and pest removal services conducted. When the time comes to hire a specialist, you can rely on the team at PowerX for services in the Miami, FL area. Acting early will save big time on future problems to your health and property.


Power Lawn Nutrition + Pest Control is ready to assist you at all times, keep your garden and property beautiful and free of pests. Get an assessment today at 1-800-555-0170.