50OffPowerX is the leading company in South Florida Exterminators, with many years of experiences and certificated quality known by all the clients. At PowerX we know that summer is the best season of the year, perfect to go to the beach, make barbecues, and more, but we also know that is important to do a special treatment for your lawn.

With temperatures over 90 degrees in the summer and raining in the most inconvenient moments, PowerX will help you find the perfect treatment for your lawn. It’s important to maintain a healthy lawn for a healthy home. The key to care for the lawn during the summer is in the water system.

The key in the irrigation systems is to make two cycles with time between them to let the water soak into the soil. The first cycle of watering will frequently get the water down four inches. The second cycle will get the water to soak down to about eight inches. Trying to get all the water on the lawn in one cycle just lets the water run off into the street and doesn’t benefit the plants at all. Lawn requires more attention during the summer with multiple cycles of watering.Please adhere to your area’s water restriction requirements

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