siesta-entrance-oneThanks to its warm and sunny climate year-round, South Florida allows for thriving and creative landscaping. As the leading specialists in South Florida Lawn Care, PowerX has seen it all. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience with this unique environment, here are some tips for making your property beautiful.

Tip #1: When dealing with a smaller house, homeowners must utilize creative and unique decorating ideas in order to make the space appear larger. For instance, consider adding a picket fence to give the property more curb appeal; whatever the design idea, having a clear and concise plan is always the best way to begin this kind of project.

Tip #2: Maintaining a simple garden design is a great way to utilize every inch of the yard. Trying to fit many design ideas at once could lead to the garden looking cluttered and mismatched.

Tip #3:  Symmetry is another important factor to consider when planning the layout of a garden, especially smaller ones. Consider using straight lines for the outline of the area, this type of line takes up less room and is visually more appealing.

Tip #4:  The entranceway is a key focal point to every residence that is usually neglected in the process. By focusing on the design of this area as a starting point, the rest of the garden will be easier to create since you will be coordinating it appropriately to that primary area. The result will be a concise and attractive garden that flows easily throughout.

To keep your beautiful landscapes unspoiled by disease or infestation, contact one of the region’s most trusted lawn care experts. With our comprehensive South Florida pest library, years of experience, and cutting-edge treatments, we can keep your property looking lush and pristine all year long.

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