florida-lawn-care-servicesThough there is ample warmth and sunshine throughout the year in lovely South Florida, the summer season brings an especially high amount of both, plus lots of rain to boot. While this goes a long way to supporting the region’s unique and beautiful ecology, it can also be a mixed blessing for South Florida Lawn Care.

For starters, a lot of pests, fungi, fleas, ticks and other unwanted invaders thrive in this sort of climate. It is not unusual for gardens, shrubs, and trees to start succumbing to all sorts of unusual growths. Mosquitoes are out in full force, and bugs wanting to avoid the seasonal deluge might venture inside for protection.

Moreover, depending on what sort of plants you have in your lawn, certain species will be susceptible to the extra sun, heat, and water. Without adjusting your current maintenance regimen – if any – whole swathes of your yard might not make it to fall.

Lucky for you there is PowerX, the leading specialists in all things Lawn Care South Florida. We emphasize our local roots not only because of dedication to the community we love, but also to stress our in-depth knowledge and experience with the region’s unique environment and challenges.

Whereas most exterminators apply a one-size-fits-all approach, PowerX takes into account the sorts of issues that affect South Florida lawns. We go even further by providing a free analysis on any property we are called to inspect, allowing us to determine the exact nature of your problem and how best to address it.

Only after our extensive assessment do we implement the necessary tools, strategies, and chemicals to reach optimum results – and save you money along the way. Our qualified, licensed, and well-trained personnel offer the most state-of-the-art and environmentally safe solutions in the industry.

Backed by results and the latest science, we guarantee a happy, healthy lawn, this summer and every season to come. To get started, call 1-866-954-6841 or click here.