As humans we have a natural repulsion to cockroaches. Logically, it might not make sense to fear roaches.  Most cockroach and their bites only cause minor swellings and lesions. They also don’t feed directly on any of our blood, skin or fluids. However, cockroaches are not completely harmless. They can cause food contamination. These unsightly pests feed on fecal matter, dead plants and animals. They regurgitate and defecate on food spreading any parasites they might have picked up. This can lead to allergic reactions and in some extreme cases lead to food poisoning. Digestive problems, urinary tract infections and sepsis can also occur.

Here are 5 tips to keep cockroaches at bay

  1. Clean! Clean! Clean!

Cockroaches have a sharp sense of smell which aids them in their constant search for food. In households, they are mostly attracted to sugar, cheese and starch. Basically, most of the food that is consumed at the table. They can easily find small crumbs of food on the floors and cabinets with relative ease. For this reason, keeping your house clean will make it less attractive to roaches. Never let dirty dishes spend the night in the sink. Also, if you have small children, you might have to vacuum, sweep and wipe counter tops and cabinets more than usual.

  1. Eliminate damp areas

l living things cockroaches need water to survive and they’ll happily form a habitat wherever they find it. They consider leaking pipes a blissful oasis, ideal for mating and breeding too. Be sure to have any leaks fixed A.S.A.P. No standing water should be allowed anywhere in your house and that includes your pet’s water bowl. If your house/basement/attic is excessively damp, use a de-humidifier to remove the excess moisture.

  1. Seal all cracks and holes

Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light. The darkness also acts as a protective cover against rodents and other predators that might eat them. It therefore makes sense that they will seek refuge in cracks and holes in a home. Taking the initiative to seal all the cracks in your walls, door and window frames, as well as any cracks in electrical appliances e.g phones, and cabinets will go a long way in preventing a cockroach infestation.

  1. Keep your home as cool as possible

Cockroaches thrive in warm conditions. Warm temperatures also provide ideal breeding conditions and enable cockroaches to make more use of their muscles i.e start spreading their wings and fly. By employing a few simple home cooling tricks such as turning on fans, keeping your blinds closed (approx. 30% of heat comes from windows) and even changing from incandescent to energy saving light bulbs you’ll be creating an unfriendly environment for roaches to thrive. Granted, on the surface this might seem a tad ineffective but in combination with the other tips it plays an important role in preventing cockroaches, especially during the hot months.

  1. Bring the experts

Since cockroaches feast on a wide variety of substances it is almost impossible to “roach-proof” a home. If you’re experiencing a roach problem, no matter how slight, then it’s time to call the experts. Pest control experts know exactly what it takes to get rid of persistent bugs and pests. They can easily detect potential entry sources and prevent future infestations with ease.
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