HAPPYEARTHDAYThis April 22nd is Earth Day, a global holiday that raises awareness about the importance of the environment. Since it was conceived in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day has been celebrated hundreds of millions of people across 184 countries, bringing attention to issues ranging from pollution and resource scarcity, to endangered species and alternative energy.
As the leading provider of South Florida Lawn Care, PowerX has always had deep respect and understanding of the environment. Our experienced and knowledgeable personnel are well versed in the region’s vast and unique ecology, and knows how beautiful, diverse, and important our environment is – whether it is in our backyards or beyond them.
But PowerX goes beyond a deep appreciation of the environment. Whether it is providing South Florida Pest Control or simply maintaining the vitality of existing lawns, we always take into account the health and wellness of our clients and our planet. That is why we utilize only the most proven, tested, and state-of-the-art solutions on the market, well and above the industry standards.
For example, many of the chemicals we use are derived from plant-based ingredients and are carefully mixed by our qualified and well-trained technicians. That means that they are both environmentally sustainable and effective, since Mother Nature offers the best and most proven model to follow.
Moreover, PowerX is always taking into account the precise needs of every lawn we work on. We never act without conducting a professional and comprehensive assessment first, thereby ensuring that only the safest and most effective solutions are deployed – to the benefit of both you and the Earth.
To learn more about PowerX’s efficient but Earth-friendly solutions, contact 1-866-954-6841, or click here for a free estimate.