The Orlando Science Center is a museum located in Orlando, Florida, operated under private management. Its focus is to educate the public about science and technology. It is a member of the Association of Science-Technology Centers and has accreditations from the American Alliance of Museums. The first time the museum opened its doors to the public was in 1960. However, it was then an anthropology museum. There was a collection of artifacts displayed with a little bit of history to enlighten viewers. A decade later, the management changed direction, and it evolved. Their intentions were to major in science and technology. The purpose was to deliver scientific experiences to people to make them aware of the matters that seemed so technical.

Years later, the board came up with a new master plan for the planned museum. The projection was far much bigger, six times than the initial structure. The features were up to date to suit every class of visitors. They wanted to break boundaries and attract a large clientele to create more awareness. The approach focused on unique features, including a kid’s town located on the building’s second floor. Children now have an aooprtunity to engage in role plays, learn about body experiences, and other day to day scientific concepts. Another part of this floor is the kinetic zone. The section comprises various exhibits where visitors can challenge themselves to different forces like electricity and gravity. The first floor is more about nature as it sheds light on the world and how it runs. The showcase incorporates factors like the ecosystem, precisely in central Florida, Flora, and fauna. It is an opportunity to learn about so many species of plants and animals. Also, you get tips on how to make the environment sustainable for the coming generation. Thus the sector offers lessons to people of all ages and dynamics. It is the most visited floor according to statistics.

Moving on to the third floor, you get the Hive, also known as Makerspace. It is more of a community sharing space. People visiting this part have the chance to learn, make, and share the ideas in their minds. There is no protocol on whatever is right or wrong, but the best of inventions come with awards. The second last floor, fourth, is a DinoDigs area consisting of replicas of dinosaurs and other sea creatures. Talk of the Jurassic age served to you in one plate. It is a thrilling experience. Also, you learn more about mother earth and its peculiarities from other planets. In general, this sector brings you every feature of the solar system and how man first landed on the moon. The last floor, which is like a parting shot, houses a massive refractor telescope alongside other powerful smaller versions.

The Orlando Science Center is currently operational all days of the week apart from Wednesday. The hours run from 10 am to 5 pm hence you can spare some time and visit the place. The experience you get here is like no other.