millipedeFlorida’s fantastic tropical climate helps make having a thriving, verdant lawn possible. But it also supports an ecosystem of bugs, fungi, and other pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn, property, or even health. This week’s highlight from PowerX’s South Florida Pest Library is the red millipede, among the most common invaders.

Found in damp and decaying areas, these critters are intolerant of too much dryness or wetness, and so during very hot or rainy days will seek shelter inside homes. These nocturnal creatures sneak in usually through open holes in cracks and crevices. They are a familiar sight to many people, whether in patios, kitchen floors, bedrooms, or elsewhere.

Thankfully, millipedes are not dangerous to humans or pets, nor are they hazard to homes (as they prefer to feed on decaying wood or mulch). But they can become a nuisance in high numbers, and are an unwelcome and unsightly presence in a home or business (especially if you have guests coming over!)

Fortunately, PowerX is well equipped to handle these invaders. They can be controlled simply by covering and caulking any potential entryways, which will discover through a thorough inspection. For even more protection, we will create a treatment barrier – using the safest and most reliable chemicals we blend ourselves – to create an added layer of protection on the exterior.

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