When you think of the sort of invader that would end up in the PowerX Pest Library, bugs or rodents are usually what come to mind. But the common pigeon can be just as much a nuisance as these more familiar critters. Whether commercial or residential, urban or suburban, just about any home or commercial property can be affected by these plentiful birds.

Although pigeons are not aggressive, they do pose health hazards to human and can carry up to 30 different diseases as well as fleas. They can alsobe bothersome, whether it is crowding up your lawn, building and leaving a mess of droppings. They are known to mob bird feeders intended for other birds (like blue jays and cardinals), and can even raid the feeding dishes of any outdoor pet.

Lucky for you, there is PowerX, the leading specialist in South Florida Pest Control. If you find yourself annoyed or otherwise disrupted by these winged critters, we have the tools, methods, and skilled personnel to remove them with minimal hassle.

As our extensive pest library shows, we can handle a wide variety of invaders to your property or home, from grubs to ants to raccoons, PowerX has seen it all and can devise an assessment and solution that can most effectively resolve your problem.

Whatever your South Florida Lawn Care needs, PowerX is always within reach to offer a free, in-depth review and estimate. Call 1-866-954-6841 or click here for more details.