Carpenter Bee

Color: Yellow and black patterns like Bumble Bees, with some metallic reflections ranging from dark blue, yellow, green or purple tints. Their abdomens are shiny, unlike Bumble Bees which are covered with hair.

Length: 3/4″ – 1″

These large dark bees that resemble bumble bees are often seen hovering around the eaves of a house, wooden fences or the underside of deck in the late spring. They bore round holes into wood to nest. They will nest in a wide range of woods, but prefer weathered and unpainted wood.

Typically they do not cause serious structural damage unless a large number of bees are involved over a long period of time. Male carpenter bees tend to be territorial and can become aggressive towards humans by hovering close by. But this is merely a show as they have no stinger.

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